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Austin 12-6 hp Harley Saloon
Austin Seven Saloon
Austin 20 hp Ranelagh Saloon
Austin 10-4 hp Saloon
 Austin Ruby Saloon

The Seven was exhibited at Olympia in 1922, at a list price of 225. The more adventurous members of the public purchased one. It exceeded their wildest expectations. The motoring journals published enthusiastic reports. A. C. R. Waite, who previously had won sporting events at Brooklands and at Shelsley with the 20 h.p. car, began racing the Seven. It won at Brooklands and at Monza in Italy. In fact, it became a vogue and orders began to roll in from all over the world.

In 1925 and 1926 extensions were made to the Factory so that it now covered 62 acres and gave employment to 8,000 workers who annually produced 25,000 cars. Longbridge was now a great engineering centre with its own foundry, forge and machine shops, its own body pressing, assembling and painting plant, which now included the new

spray-applied cellulose, and its own erection shops for both individual units such as engine, gearbox, rear axle and steering, as well as for the final assembly of the finished car.

In 1927 a new six-cylinder 20 h.p. car was marketed which, for a brief while, ran in parallel production with the four-cylinder 20 h.p. and then replaced it entirely. This car became the aristocrat of the Austin range and with saloon and limousine bodywork that graduated through the names of "Carlton," "Ranelagh" and "Mayfair" over the years, offered motoring at its best at astonishingly low cost. In fact, prices were now beginning to reflect the increasing efficiency of the factory.

As six-cylinder engines were becoming more popular, Austin introduced, late in 1927, a new 16 h.p. car, with a six-cylinder engine. The range now comprised twenty-four distinct models. In I929 the number had increased to twenty-eight and the prices had all fallen, the Seven tourer selling at the low figure of 130. Thus did flow production really justify itself.

Austin Seven Roadster